Blueberry Microtraction Bed

The Microtraction Bed is a Twin XL (half the size of a King bed) bed which gently stretches your low back as you sleep. The photographs, below, illustrate what it looks like and how it works. If you’re browsing on your phone, it may help to to turn it horizontally so you can see the captions.

The Microtraction Bed can be disassembled without tools, into three pieces, in less than five minutes. With a screwdriver and a few more minutes, the bed can be further disassembled into smaller pieces to make it even easier to transport. Though the disassembled bed may look complex due to the intricate computer-controlled milling used to fabricate it, it is really quite simple to assemble. Here is a picture of a bed which has been disassembled. It’s also possible to place the microtraction bed in a King-Size Bed, which allows partners to sleep next to each other, just as they would normally. The video, below, shows the Microtraction Bed in use.