If you sleep in the same bed as your partner, you can continue to do so while using the microtraction bed. There are two ways to do this. The first option is to make use of a bed you already own: many king-size mattresses are supported by either two box springs or two box-like platforms. Each of these box springs/platforms is the same length as a king, but half as wide (a twin XL size). If you own such a bed, simply remove one of these box springs/platforms and place the microtraction bed in its place. You may need to add or subtract a mattress topper, or raise or lower the box spring/platform with shims to get the heights of the two mattresses to match. You'll also need a twin or twin XL mattress for the partner to sleep on. This arrangement allows partners to sleep next to each other, just as they would in a normal king bed. In this case, one partner experiences traction and the other does not. Alternatively, two Microtraction beds can be placed next to each other, in which case both partners experience traction during the night. When the bed is made up, it looks like a normal king bed. The photo gallery below shows what this setup looks like.

For those who don't already own the kind of bed setup described above, we sell a "Companion Bed" which has the same footprint and height as the Microtraction Bed. These two units can be connected to each other, side by side, and placed on a standard king-sized bed frame or platform, or set directly on the floor. Figure 1, below, shows what the companion bed looks like on its own. Figures II and III show how a Companion Bed and Microtraction Bed can be put together to form one king-sized bed assembly. We sell the Companion Bed at cost--we don't want you to have to decide between sleeping next to your partner and pain relief. For more information, please contact us.