Frequently asked


Q: Is your bed comfortable to sleep on?

A: People have remarked that it feels very comfortable. When operating at an appropriate amount of traction, the traction force should not disturb your sleep at all.

Q: How long will it be until I notice a difference?

A: The inventor of the Microtraction Bed found that his back did not feel better immediately, and at first he could only withstand a very small amount of traction. Over time, however, his pain was reduced (his estimate is by 75%) and the amount of traction force he could comfortably place on his back was increased substantially. Others have reported that their backs feel better immediately, upon lying down on the bed. It's variable, but you should give it time. It might be helpful to keep a pain journal to more accurately analyze your own pain levels.

Q: What kinds of back pain does your bed help with?

A: This question is difficult to answer because the cause of low back pain cannot be clearly identified in 90 percent of patients, making targeted treatment difficult. Without determining the cause of a person's back pain it's impossible to figure out whether it would be helped by a particular kind of intervention. Therefore, we make our bed available for customers to try out for themselves. If it doesn't work, you may return it for a refund (see below).

Q: What's your return policy?

A: The bed may be returned for a refund within 4 months of the date of purchase, so long as the bed has not been damaged by misuse. A restocking fee applies. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What's your warranty?

A: A limited warranty covers this bed for one year from the date of sale. Any manufacturing defects which affect the functioning of the bed will be repaired at no charge, or the bed may be replaced at the manufacturer's discretion. Certain conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.

Q: How difficult is it to set up?

A: If setting it up for the first time, two people should be able to assemble it in half an hour. Once you have a little practice, the bed can be assembled and disassembled in five to ten minutes. If you live in Albuquerque, we will deliver the bed and set it up free of charge.

Q: I don’t live in Albuquerque. Can you ship it?

A: Yes, we can ship the bed on a pallet to anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Q: I don't make very much money. Is there a cheaper alternative?

A: We do strive to offer a limited number of beds to low income earners on a sliding price scale. Please contact us for further details.

Q: Where can I find out more?

A: There's more information on this website for you to peruse. You can call us or email. And you may come by our workshop. While there you can lie down on one of our beds, see how it works, and have all your questions answered. 

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